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Poster Comparison:
Get A War Garden Going / Beans are Bullets — Potatoes are Powder
(World War I)
"Of Course I Can! I'm as patriotic as can be— and ration points won't worry me!" (World War II)

Typical of food posters produced during World War I, the first poster

  • printed only two ink colors
  • contains a large amount of instructional and explanatory text
  • possesses a somber tone
  • mentions war explicitly
  • was produced regionally for a local audience

Typical of food posters produced during World War II, the second poster

  • was printed in full-color
  • devotes more space to image rather than to text
  • exudes an enthusiastic tone
  • does not mention war
  • references ration points (used only during WWII)
  • was produced for a national campaign under the direction of the Advertising Council, a WWII agency comprised of professional advertisers from the private sector

Extension Division, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1917
Artist: Dick Williams for The Advertising Council and the National Garden Program, USDA, c.1944.

Source: Special Collections, National Agricultural Library