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Images 4-4c (and film)

Publicity materials of the National Recovery Administration, c.1934

Charles Coiner, art director of the N.W. Ayer ad agency, designed the goodwill trademark of the National Recovery Administration (NRA). Displaying the Blue Eagle placard in a window, or printing the logo mark on receipts, labels and ads, was a way for businesses to show they agreed to policies enacted to create employment and increase purchasing power.

In addition, the NRA created a short film starring comedic performer Jimmy Durante. He used humor and song as he pleaded, “Give a Man Job.”

National Recovery Administration, c.1934.

Photo: Unknown photographer, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Public Domain Photographs, National Archives #512587
Posters: Designed by Charles T. Coiner
Film: Produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Prelinger Film Archives, Internet Archive

Stills from NRA promotional film featuring Jimmy Durante. Also known as Give A Man A Job.
Play film below (run time: 2:47).